Our next "Meet the Installer" event is scheduled for Thurs, Nov 7, 7pm, Town Hall!  Please spread the word.


The last "Meet the Installer" night on Sept 26 was a great success!  Click HERE to watch a BCTV recording.

Meet the Installer Night

Thursday, Sept 26, 7-9pm 

at the Town Hall. 

Join members of the Solarize Belchertown Committee, Northeast Solar, the MassCEC and others as we introduce the goals of Solarize to the community. 


The event will be held at the Town Hall from 7-9 pm and is free to all. 


This event will give attendees an overview of the the Solarize Program, why solar is good for your home and the community, solar incentives and financing, and special Solarize pricing that is available to Belchertown residents only. 


There will be a q+a session to follow and you will have the chance to meet your local solar coaches and other Solarize volunteers.

Let's Talk. Please email your questions to solarizebelchertown@belchertown.org