Nov. 7, 7-9pm



The Solarize Belchertown Committee has selected Northeast Solar to be the exclusive solar installer for this exciting project! 


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Belchertown Residents. Now is the time to go solar!


Have you considered solar panels for your home or business? Belchertown residents are banding together, leveraging group buying power to provide a limited-time opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of residential solar installation. The Solarize Mass program is a collaboration between the Town of Belchertown, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.


Solarize Belchertown will increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity systems through a grassroots educational campaign driven mainly by local volunteers and offer reduced pricing that increases the savings for all participants.


The Solarize Belchertown Committee selected Northeast Solar to be the exclusive solar installer for this program. Homeowners and business owners who want to participate can purchase a PV system from Northeast Solar at a reduced (group purchase) price.


Why solar?


For many residents and business owners throughout Massachusetts, installing a solar electric system is a smart investment that converts clean, free sunlight to electricity, reduces air pollution, reduces or eliminates monthly electricity bills, and contributes to the local economy by creating local jobs and supporting local businesses.  


Electricity customers with solar electric systems under 10kW in size can sell excess power they produce back to their utility and receive a credit at almost full retail rate for power produced, a practice called “net metering.”


The financial return on investing in a solar PV system can be very favorable for homeowners with a suitable site. Solar arrays in Massachusetts often have a 6-8 year payback period and continue to produce financial returns long after the system is paid off. The life of a solar electric system is 20 years, if not longer.

Come meet Northeast Solar at our next "Meet the Installer" night on Thurs, Nov 7 at 7pm at Belchertown Town Hall. 



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 The last "Meet the Installer" night on Sept 26 was a great success!  Click HERE to watch a BCTV recording of the event.